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BoholBuzz in a year!

Bohol’s Fiesta Season

          When summertime starts, Bohol is loaded with visitors and tourists from all over the world.  They have been longing to see and experience the natural beauty and wonders of the province.  But the month of May is an extra ordinary month.  It is the fiesta month of the Boholanos.  Almost everyday of this month, at least one town or barangay is celebrating fiesta in honor of their patron saint.  It is only not just mere merrymaking with friends over a bunch of food in the table.  It is also the most preferred time for each and every paisano/paisana, who is away from Bohol, to return home.  So, the reunions here and there among the family members, relatives and friends make the season merrier.   In spite of crisis and hardships, Boholanos are still finding ways and maximizing available resources just to make the fiesta celebration extra special.


May 1              Tagbilaran City                   St. Joseph

May 3              Dao-Tagb. City                  Santa Cruz

May 4              Alburquerque                     Santa Monica

May 4              Mabini                                Santa Monica

May 4              Sagbayan                           St. Agustin

May 5              Maribojoc                          St. Vincent Ferrer

May 8              San Miguel                         St. Michael

May 10            Calape                               St. Vincent Ferrer

May 15            Bilar                                   St. Isidore

May 15            Trinidad                              St. Isidore

May 15            Tubigon                              St. Isidore

May 19            Candijay                             St. Joseph

May 24            Loboc                                Virgin of Guadalupe

May 29            San Isidro                           St. Isidore

May 29            Talibon                               Blessed Trinity

June 3              Manga Dist, Tagb.              Holy Trinity

June 13            Sikatuna                             Saint Anthony

June 13            Tinibgan, Calape                 Saint Anthony

June 19            Manga, Tagb, City              Holy Trinity

June 24            Garcia Hernandez               Saint John

June 29            Loboc                                Saint Peter

June 30            Inabanga                            Saint Paul

July 16             Balilihan                            Virgen of Carmen

July 16             Taloto, Tagb. City               Immaculate Heart

July 25             Batuan                              Saint James

July 26             Alicia                                 Saint Joachim

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